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Social Connect is a brand new app for facebook users.  Everyone uses facebook these days in order to connect with old friends, teachers, and fellow classmates from  years ago.  Well don’t let facebook stop there, let it help you find someone new to be with!  Social Connect does just that in an incredible way. 

The home page is clean, sleek, and really gives you great at-a-glance information.   The navigation bar at the top lets you search, keep track of people you save as your faves, and also allows you to see whats new and hot out there.  The search engine is very impressive as it asks you several things to try and match you with the best person possible.  Some of the questions include those of religion, kids, living with mom, and other factors that could effect a possible relationship.  The facebook app also offers an intense profile that can be edited and tailored to truly give people valuable information about yourself.  The detailed profile is a great thing because it also helps you find and search out the people you deem worthy to pursue.

Another really amazing feature about Social Connect is the FaveScape feature.  This feature of the app lets you search by keyword or location to find the hot spots nearby.  This is perfect for people who are out of ideas for a date, or who want to spice things up with their new friend.  The database is constantly updated and is a very easy and useful tool to help you find something fun nearby.

The social card allows you to change and update your profile.  Not only can you update profile information, but you are also able to upload profile pictures and other information that might catch someone’s eye who will be interested in you.  On the main page you can also check the charms that you receive from people as well as have the ability to send your own charms.  There is also a treasure, gaurdian, and secret box feature which gives you total customiztion as to what you want to put into these areas. 

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to get to know people, Social Connect is the way to go.  This facebook app is brand new and many people are already raving about it!  Facebook users have given this app 4 and half out of 5 stars and love the ability to customize almost everything that shows up on your screen.  Try it today!