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SmartDating iPhone App – Dating Just got Smarter and a lot Cooler

FREE SmartDating App for iPhone

Anything is possible with an app from starting your car, turning the lights on in your house or even finding a date.  The new dating app, SmartDating® from VisionSync, developers of the Facebook app, Social Connect, is breaking out of the box of conventional dating utilities and making some amazing improvements.

An App Packed with Completely Useful Features

The app is packed with features that were obviously well researched, because each one serves a very specific customer based demand, for instance, have you ever wanted to send a girl some flowers through your dating service?  SmartDating® has partnered with gift delivery services making the ability to send a girl chocolates or a stuffed bear, in real life and not just as a virtual gift.

There’s a lot of competition on these dating sites, so some of us guys need a little extra edge to get noticed and if that means sending some chocolate, then it’s on.  As far as free dating apps, SmartDating® really has the best chance of making it onto a million iPhones.  Considering VisonSync’s past hit with SocialConnect on Facebook, they shouldn’t have any trouble hitting that million downloads mark.

Definite Download

We got to beta demo the service and some of the best features can’t even be found on other dating apps or dating sites for that matter.  Instead of just pics, you can put video on your profile.  This makes all the difference in the world.  It gives you the option to really shine, show people your personality and your smile maybe even put up a pickup line.  The shy ones can always just stick to the pic on their profile, but video may be a new trend for dating and SmartDating® already has that under control.

There are some major real life applications for the SmartDating® app.  This app can actually help guys pick up gals in person too, vice versa also.  Load the app on your iPhone.  Set up a profile so you’ll be ready.  Then, when you are out and you see someone that catches your eye, SmartDating® can be a great conversation started.  “Do you have the SmartDating® app yet?”  If they do then get their profile, if they don’t then suggest they get it.  It’s a good icebreaker, conversation starter and gives you an easy exit.  So that’s a little bonus feature that comes along with this app.

Features for SmartDating®


Free (Always a Nice Feature)

Links up with Facebook and Social Connect

Great for the Novice or Experienced Online Dater

Fun Features like Send a Charm or Send a Gift

Videos on Profile (Much Needed)

Other dating apps out there aren’t adding many new features because they may be afraid to rock the boat, but SmartDating® has really taken the lead in dating app innovation.  A lot of people have been looking for a fun way to date through their iPhone and VisionSync has really hit the ball out of the park with this addition.

Install and Keep


SmartDating® is a definite install and keep app.  The only time you might need to get rid of it is if you find someone and start dating them seriously.  It might come up that you should remove it then, but in the meantime, hang on to this app if you are looking for love and want to do it in a smart way.

SmartDating® Rating


Rhyming scheme not intentional, but it works.    It is packed with features that will be used on every session and they have made the interface incredibly easy to use.  So this app has jumped to the top of the dating apps.


Other apps by VisionSync


VisionSync has a few apps out there.  Another one that we mentioned previously is Social Connect.  That is the online Facebook app that integrates perfectly with SmartDating®.  If you want to check out that or sign up for an account you can find the app only on Facebook.  One suggestion with the SmartDating® app though.  It uses a GPS feature for seeing people in your area.  If you haven’t figured out battery life management then you may want to disable GPS when you are done with the service just to keep your battery from draining faster.  Other than that, SmartDating® is a great app.
SmartDating - Smart Mobile Dating – Connect Smarter™ - Visionsync Inc

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SmartDate® App for iPhone

SmartDate®, packed this app full of features and every single one of them is a winner.

SmartDate® for iPhone Takes Dating to a New Level

Let’s start with Satellite Views of every Smart Dater in your area.  What does that mean exactly?  OK, if you stop in at the local Game Stop or bar or wherever you go and you have SmartDate® on, it will tell you any of the other girls or guys that are SmartDate® uses and looking for love.  It’s a great use of location sensing tech.  Then on top of that you can message them or they can hit you up.  You can actually meet up with them if they are around the corner, down the street or wherever if you want.  You can also turn off that feature if that’s not your thing.

Smart Date

So, a lot of people will probably call this a Hook Up App, but it’s really more than that.  You can make friends and real connections with the app with the other features like winks and charms and just general chatting.  You can also set up who your favorite Smart Daters are and keep up with their profiles and what’s happening with them.

Smart dating is really all about taking everything that is good with mobile app technology and applying it to the way you meet people.  The app is highly interactive and takes that interactivity to the real world.  This app lets you know who is really interested in making a romantic connection and it takes some of the pressure off of trying to meet someone that you have never met.  With this great app for iPhone, you can break that ice over the app and then when you meet in person, your are ready for fun, not ready to sweat and wonder if they are interested.

Satellite Dating

With the power of the Facebook social network behind the scenes and this great use of proximity technology, dating is at an entirely new level.  The app is for the casual dater, new to the scene or just returning or anyone that just wants to see what kind of dating scene is going on in town.  If you travel a lot, are single and don’t want to have to ask the concierge where the singles hang out, then just use the app and it will tell you.


Satellite Views of Daters

Favorite List

Fun Charms and Winks

Connects to the Number One Dating App of 2011, Social Connect

Facebook Friendly



5/5 The developer hit this one out of the park.  This app rocks, check it out if you are single or just want a fun way to romance your current gf or bf.  This app is going to change the way that the world thinks about dating!


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