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We all know that websites like and the like try to match people up to your likings and profile data.  These services often cost you a monthly fee and some work well and some do not.  Everyone loves the buzz word “free” and so here it is said once again.  That’s right, this iPhone app is a “free” app called Dating DNA. Get Premium Version Here; Dating DNA Plus - Premium Edition of #1 Dating App for iPhone and iPad with Free Service - Dating DNA, Inc.

Dating DNA is a free social networking dating service.  This means that you fill out a free dating profile, post it, and then start searching for people that are compatible.  The nice thing about the Dating DNA app is that it gives each user a DNA score.  This DNA score determines the likelihood of you being able to match up with someone that is compatible with your likes and dislikes.

The main feature on Dating DNA that turns so many heads is the ability to access at-a-glance matches in your area without even having to do a search.  This means you can set the app to search around your location, or home area to find potential matches that have a compatible DNA score without you typing in a search at all.  This type of feature is perfect for the person that is a little daring and just wants to call up a person nearby to see if there are any potential sparks that could fly!

Dating DNA offers these features:

  • No Advertising – This means the app is free of clutter and is clean and sleek looking
  • Friends List – This is to keep phone numbers, notes, and star ratings of people you know or you have met
  • No Fakes Policy – This ensures that you meet real people and not bots
  • Widgets – Extends the apps reach by being able to post on Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter
  • Compatibility Score – This lets you know in seconds how compatible you are with a person
  • Compatibility Indicator – This feature lets you find matches at a glance, no searching required!
  • Compatibility Threshold – This hides people who are not compatible with you


This is a great Free app for the iPhone that truly allows users to search, match, and find people that they could be compatible with in a relationship.  iPhone users have rated this app 3 1/2 stars and love the free aspect of the app.  Many users herald this apps power and functionality while not costing them a dime to use!  If you like social networking apps, this is a must have!  To get the premium version go here: Dating DNA Plus - Premium Edition of #1 Dating App for iPhone and iPad with Free Service - Dating DNA, Inc.