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Dating on Android, done easily with the Free Cupid App.

There’s a lot of buzz happening about this app and we thought we should let you know how much of that buzz is just hype.  The Cupid app is the real thing.  I mean look at the features it’s offering, the thought that went into its design and the quality of members that it is attracting and you’ll know for yourself.

Cupid Android Dating App

The Features:

  • Your standard message receiving
  • Flirtatious winks (quick message that lets them know you are interested)
  • Smart layout on the photo galleries
  • FREE profile creation
  • Special topic chat rooms
  • Alerts to tell you when someone is interested
  • Even better, notifications that tell you when a fellow app user is in the area
  • Location based searching for members

This very well could be the Android dating app that knocks out the rest.  There are several android dating apps in the appmarket now, but Cupid really stands out for several reasons and is for sure one of the best.

Why is Cupid  for Android any better than the other android dating apps?

What most dating apps on the market are missing are not smart features, fancy graphics or low price.  No, what most of the apps are missing is a member base of attractive singles that are sociable and actually want to meet with you in real life.  Cupid has covered the bases thoroughly with a great design and terrific features, but where they have really hit the mark (with their arrows) is their members.  Fun, intelligent and attractive people are generally attracted to the same when it is in terms of technology.  Because Cupid is designed with aesthetics and member loyalty in mind, they are able to interest real daters.  The members that are flocking to Cupid through their android app, are people just like you, looking for a fun time, some romance and maybe something long lasting in the future.

All the tools are there with this app, to accomplish your dating goal.  Want to just flirt or maybe have a date for that upcoming reunion?  With Cupid you can search your local area, check the availability of thousands of singles and let them know what you are looking for.  Want something casual?  If you are one of the Cupid members online right now, then you know that for every one person that wants to date for fun or date for a longer commitment, that there are one hundred more wanting the same thing.

You can check out the app for free.  They just ask for some information about your name, location etc. The usual and what you can expect from any dating service or Android dating app.