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With over 13 million users, Are You Intersted is a fun facebook dating app.  Why on earth would someone want to use facebook to date?  The answer is easy.  Because it works!  Just like anything in life, your chances of accomplishing something are always greater if you have a good solid social network.  Dating services actually are moving to facebook type formats because of the amazing ability they have to find potential people for you to date.  Are You Interested is one of those mediums in which they help facebook users find and hook up with potential people that might match with them.

Are You Interested is similar to other apps like Zoosk.  There is a main profile page that you will have to fill out in order for Are You Interested to work correctly on facebook.  This facebook app takes your profile information and pairs it up with people who use facebook.  The people that it sends your profile too are considered to be a high probability for a possible match. 

Many of the features include:

  • Profile updating and customization to cater to accurate profile matching
  • The ability to share your favorite songs, movies, and celebrities
  • Fun questionaire games to get you thinking about things that you wouldn’t normally tell people about yourself
  • Idea for dates and first visits with potential people that you match up with
  • The ability to send winks, tweets, and special virtual gifts
  • Coins can be bought to enhance your experience with this facebook dating app

As you can see the creators at Snap interactive have put together a fun little app on facebook to help those people who are in the dating world.  For anyone who is actively invovled in the dating scene, nothing is better than a little bit of help from your friends on facebook.  Lets face it, most people worry more about what their friends think they should be with than their own feelings or concerns.  This app makes that aspect of dating much easier because your friends can help pick matches for you and even approve or disapprove people that you are thinking about meeting.  With this system in place, you are bound to find some very interesting people that match your profile and you might even find the perfect match.  This app has received 2 and half stars out of five and althought it is very popular, it has taken a bit of a dip in the ratings due to some minor server issues.